Avtipus Patents & Inventions ltd.

Our company provides services for inventors and companies, from the idea phase to the manufacturing of the product and to its marketing. Avtipus is managing a trained team with 25 years of experience in developing and promoting products in Israel and around the world.

Services we provide:

  • Research and Development
  • Planning and manufacturing of geometrical models and prototypes
  • Consultation and guidance in materialization of the invention and the patents
  • Patent searching, marketing, preparation of drawings and additional material required for the patent application
  • Three dimensional drawings, and modeling
  • Chip processing, stereo lithographic, metalworking, cutting and processing by laser
  • Designing and manufacturing of plastic models
  • Technology analysis, examination, and implementation
  • Preparation of tools and facilities for product manufacturing
  • Manufacturing initial sets and preparing a manufacturing portfolio
  • Coordination and accompany of the manufacturing process in Israel and abroad
  • Additional services

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